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Personal Statement of Lynette Perez

I am a proud Army Brat who moved to San Antonio 11 years ago to join my parents who have resided in Bexar County since the early 1990s. Prior to living in San Antonio, I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I once served as an Assistant City Manager, was a twice elected Las Vegas City Councilwoman (the first councilwoman in Las Vegas history) and a once elected Clark County Commissioner. I am also a former trustee of the United States Naval Academy, appointed by President George W. Bush, and served alongside the late Senator John McCain to support the midshipmen of Annapolis.

I moved to San Antonio as a single Mom with two children and I had been unemployed for 18 months. Because of my financial situation of assuming a disproportionate share of 
community debt in my divorce from my children’s father, coupled by a prolonged unemployment, I filed for bankruptcy protection in the Western District of Texas in 2008.  The Internal Revenue Service also filed a tax lien in Bexar County, also pertaining to community debt associated with the divorce, that was later withdrawn in 2016.

As a public servant, I have been named as a litigant in suits filed against the City of Las Vegas or Clark County in my professional capacity. These lawsuits typically were associated with denials of land-use applications, business licensing denials or employee terminations. However, I would like to also fully disclose that more than a decade ago I accepted an Alford plea of guilt to a misdemeanor for an election law violation: Namely, my opponents did not believe I lived in the jurisdiction for which I was running for re-election to office. I did indeed live there but had two residences because of my divorce. I had even been served legal documents at the second residence. 

Although the charge itself was later fully expunged from my  record, I still feel compelled to share this with the citizens of Bexar County.  Today, I will gladly compare the past decade of my life – including the successes of my children – with anyone. In the past decade I have become a published author, the owner of two homes and 40-acres (without a mule), an attorney and mediator, and a co-owner of a minority-owned, family-owned construction company. My son is a recent Dean’s list graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, my daughter a co-valedictorian of her middle school class and a star athlete who can speak and write Mandarin.   My law professors presented me with the Judge Jack Miller Award and I was one of 10 in my St. Mary’s Law graduation class inducted into the National Order of Barristers, another distinction decided by the law faculty.  I am the 2018-19 President of the Black Alumni Law Association of St. Mary’s University.  I was recently honored by the San Antonio Black Lawyers Association as one of two recipients of the 2018 Future Legends in Law Award.

Law school and the practice of law can teach you many things. Only our life experiences can give us empathy for those we are called to serve. Thank you for your consideration and for the opportunity to serve the citizens of this community.  #Flygirl  #Vote4Lynette #ChooseJISD

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